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A reader asked me the other day why is my blog mostly about Ayden and is lacking on Ethan’s update? Well, I can only tell him that Ethan spends most of his time in school and by the time he is home, he will be busy with his own stuffs where else Ayden is ALWAYS with me hence the biased update. 

Anyway, today’s update is dedicated to Ethan. It is ALL ABOUT ETHAN today. I deliberately took pictures of mostly everything Ethan did today so that I can write a blog post about this first son of mine >_<

taekwondo taegeuk 8

Ethan took his Taekwondo Taegeuk 8 grading test last Saturday. The grading fee was a whopping RM150! Terkejut lah me as the fees for earlier taegeuks was only RM50. I remember it was even cheaper at RM40 when Ethan first started in March 2014.

Okay, now let’s take a look at his everyday life. He goes to school at 6.30am and only comes home after 2pm. He takes a shower and have a quick lunch with us. 
Eat lunch

Ethan has lunch at home with the Daddy, Ayden and me. It is our time to catch up on school before the Daddy goes back to work. 

After lunch, Ethan is given a choice. Kids love choices. You can’t tell them to clean the table. They won’t do it but give them a choice and you’ll see them doing it willingly. 

Wipe table

The choice that Ethan has is:

a) To wipe the table clean after meal

b) To not wipe the table and let the rice and gravy stain his workbooks as he will be doing his homework there. 

Obviously, he will wipe the table clean as he is afraid to ruin his books for fear the teacher will punish him. 

I also give him another choice:

a) To do his homework downstairs on the dining table with Ayden and I around

b) To do it upstairs in his room alone

Usually, he prefers to do it downstairs with us. 

Do homework

But sometimes when he can’t stand the noise or when Ayden kept annoying him, he’ll go upstairs into his room alone. 

After homework, he is given another choice:

a) To pack his books for tomorrow’s lesson himself

b) To not pack and go unprepared and gets punish

There is no such thing as Mummy or Daddy helping him to pack. He has been packing his own books since Primary One. This is one thing I am very strict with. It is his responsibility to pack his books and he will have to bear the consequences himself if he forgets to bring anything. There is no blaming Mummy or Daddy here. 

Pack bag

So far so good. He has not forgotten to bring any books just yet. 

After all that is done, he’ll excuse himself into the music room where he will practise his piano. 


He’ll be sitting for his piano Grade 3 exam somewhere in the middle of the year. 


He’ll play the drums too as he’ll also be sitting for Drum Grade 5 exam somewhere in the middle of the year too. 

Once he has done all of the above, it is PARTY time! He is free to do anything he wants. 


By then usually we will be in the playground already. It is good to have some sunshine and fresh air. All work and no play makes Ethan a dull boy.


He looks forward to playground time as that means having fun with his friends from the neighbourhood. 

Playground football

Nothing is more satisfying than a great sweat after a long, tiring day. 

He’ll go home happy. Cool down, shower again and have dinner.

An hour later he’ll go to bed and the routine repeats the next day. So now you see why I seldom blog about Ethan as it is always the same old routine. That is why when weekend comes, I make sure we are out and about to explore the world. I can’t stand the thought of a child being cooped in at home 24/7. There is so much more to learn and explore out there! 

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    He’s big already mah. He had his turn, all the posts in the past were about him. Ya, grown up kids are busy with school, homework, their own interests…not so fun and interesting anymore. So it’s Ayden’s turn now!!! Yaaaaaa!!!!! :D


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    You just tell the reader: “Not my fault that you only started reading my blog recently. You can scroll back to few years ago, or better, go to Ethan’s blog” ;)


  • //

    Ethan is so grown up jor! Big boy! Sure will be very tough and smart soon!


  • //

    Nice to give kids choice. Good parenting. I like that.

    My girl will be sitting for her Grade 2 exam next month.

    My girl has been packing her school books since P1 too but somehow I dont trust Jay to do it himself. Otherwise he will put everything in his bag! So I do for him for time being but soon I would delegate that responsibility to him. Otherwise there is bias therr. *wink*


  • //

    Very good parenting, Merryn… Thumbs up!


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    Good that you give Ethan choices for him to make his own decision. Wah, Ethan’s room is so bed with king/queen size bed and a big table next to it for him to do his homework. Ethan is a good boy, always finish his school revision, finish practising piano and drums beffore having his own free time.


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