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Hello. Did anybody realise I have been quiet? I did not manage to blog hop or update my blog as often as I like because my time with my laptop is very limited these days since Darling’s computer went kaput. He now uses my laptop for work so I can only have access to it after he is done which is usually after midnight. His work is more important than mine coz he is the main bread winner lah. Mine can only buy tepung.  I’ll have to tahan until month end I heard before he gets a new computer so please bear with me. Don’t ditch me please :(

Anyway, it’s very late now so just wanted to share this picture of the boys’ favourite time of the day – bedtime story with the Daddy. 

bedtime story

The Daddy can use the same book the entire week but it will be a different story each day as he makes up his own story according to the picture, never once reading them the written story in the book. Sometimes I wonder if the Daddy is really a great story teller or he simply doesnt know how to read that’s why he’s making it all up 😜

I do read to the kids every once in a while but they don’t really enjoy my session as much as they do with the Daddy. Maybe because I am being very politically correct and read by the book where else the Daddy tells them a whole lot of crap such as the mouse farted, the bear has smelly armpit and stuffs like that, you know? Yet the kids love it and kept asking for more. Well boys will be boys. They fart and have smelly armpits so they can relate :P

Who tells the bedtime story in your family?

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    You are very quiet meh? Still see you on Facebook! LOL! What bedtime story? No one tells me bedtime story. I have to make up stories to tell myself. LOL.


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    The tepung you can buy would enable Ayden to make more cakes, sure that would keep him happy!

    Ya, I had to tell stories after stories to my girl when she was small – come bedtime, she would insist on it, and different ones every day! Wonder why she never asked the mum to do that. Women are such boring storytellers, too long-winded? Muahahahaha!!!!


    Merryn Reply:

    Yeah yeah we are such a boring storytellers. Actually we are just giving the Daddy the opportunity to bond with their kids :P


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    Ask me to buy you a new laptop while he uses yours. ;)

    I love bedtime stories. Which reminded me long time I did not read to my kids. Now my girl takes over and read to her brothers. Lol.


    Merryn Reply:

    Haha no lah. He’s getting a desktop so I’m not keen on that :D


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    Don’t bluff lah. I know for a fact girls do fart and have smelly armpits too! *I just killed myself in front of potential single ladies didn’t I?* >.<


    Merryn Reply:

    That is so not true! Girls are made of everything nice. We smell like roses all the time :P


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    I hope I have that sense of humour like William too, hehe :P
    Sam only get her story telling session if she sleep earlier, let say 10.00pm (normally she will go to bed after 10.30pm)


    Merryn Reply:

    My boys sleep at 11pm >_<


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    I thought u not posting. Mana tau I visit your blog so many posts to catch up d.


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