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Ethan, Have You Eaten?

Every where Ethan goes, people will be asking him, “Ethan, have you eaten?”. One fine day, Ethan told his Dad that when he was younger, he did not understand what that means. He thought people were always asking, “Ethan, have you Ethan?” and to him, that made no sense. Only recently did he finally get what people meant when they asked him, “Ethan, have you eaten?” His conversation with his Dad prompted him to start […]


He Ain’t Heavy, He’s My Brother

We had a busy Saturday. Ethan had his Taekwondo taegeuk 4 grading so he had to be in school by 9am. Darling went with Ethan while Ayden and I remained sleeping at home. After taekwondo, Ethan had robotics. While he was in robotic class, Darling came home to pick me and Ayden before fetching Ethan again from school. Immediately after that Darling had an appointment but instead of sending us home, he decided to bring […]


When You Are Ball Less

Having balls is very important. People look up to you if you have a ball or better still, balls coz they want to share share play with you. If you are ball less without a ball you will get bored easily. There’s only so much you can do on the playground equipment. Sometimes, it is nice to run around and kick some balls.  But what do you do on days when you don’t have your […]


Ultherapy™ at The Sloane Clinic – Follow Up Consultation

I went for a follow-up consultation with regards to the Ultherapy™ treatment I did on 28 January 2015 at The Sloane Clinic, Bangsar. But before I touch more on that, here’s a little recap on Ultherapy™. Ultherapy™ is a FDA approved breakthrough procedure that uses medical ultrasound for non-surgical cosmetic improvement of the skin.  Ultherapy™ works deep below the surface – without harming the outer layer of skin-for dramatic and long-lasting benefits of facial firming, […]


How to pronounce the word ‘Sewing’

OK here’s the deal. Ethan came home from school today telling me his English teacher taught him a new word. I said, “Great! Tell me what word is that?” He said, “Siu-wing”. Me: Suing? Ethan: No, ‘siu-wing’. Me: What’s ‘siu-wing’? Ethan: You know, thread and needles… sewing? Me: Ah! Soh-ing! Ethan: Yes. Soh-wing! Me: No… Soh-ing! Ethan: Yes. Soh-Wing! Ok ok. I don’t mind him pronouncing it as ‘soh-wing’ though the ‘w’ is supposed to […]


Marine Harvest for Dinner @ Chatz Brasserie

A week ago, we were invited to experience a showcase of an extensive spread of seafood for marine enthusiasts at Chatz Brasserie, PARKROYAL Kuala Lumpur. Dubbed ‘A Festival of Marine Harvest and International Carvery’, we were spoilt for choices with slipper lobster, mussels, prawns and scallop on ice, Japanese selection of fresh sashimi and sushi, grilled seafood and meat and lots more. We also enjoyed sampling crabs cooked in 6 different flavours.  Butter Crab Kam […]


SpongeBob SquarePants in Sunway

Has been having lack of sleep for the third consecutive night. Ayden kept me up all night. If I go to Zoo Negara now, they’ll keep me in their air-conditioned enclosure and you’ll have to pay premium price to see me there #PandaEyes. So first thing we did today was to bring Ayden to the Paed to check what’s up with him. Thank goodness nothing to be alarmed off.  He is having some phlegm issues but the […]


BOOST Juice Bars

I’m a bit of a health freak mom when it comes to drinks. I don’t usually allow the boys to drink sodas on ordinary days. They are only allowed to have sodas on special occasions due to the high sugar content. I prefer them to be drinking something healthier. I prefer juice. I make fresh juices for them everyday at home. When we are out I usually make them drink water from their tumbler >_< I […]


Dr Kong healthy shoes

This post I am sharing is very personal to me as it involves Ethan and his foot condition. I was totally unaware about it until recently. I hope with this sharing, many mothers out there will be more aware about the well-being of their children’s feet. Before we got Ayden, when we went shopping with Ethan, we still bring along the stroller even when he was 4 to 5 years old. The reason being he always […]


Outdoor Learning Activity for Toddlers

Big brother Ethan is still feverish hence he skipped school again today. In the evening, the weather was very beautiful; sunny and windy so I brought them to the playground for some fresh air and sunshine.  After spending about half an hour playing on the playground equipments, I introduced a simple color learning activity for Ayden. It is always fun to learn outdoors as the resources are endless. For today’s activity, I suggested for the […]


Boys day out …

I went to bed after 2am last night or rather, this morning as I was rushing out some work.By 4am, Ayden woke up for milk. I was like, “what?” He doesn’t usually wake up for milk anymore so why is he awake now? I touched him and noticed he was warm. Darn, he is feverish. He was feverish but not too high so I just nurse him back to sleep without giving him any medicine. He […]


Busy Monday

Today was a very tiring day for me. First day of the school holidays so woke up after 11am, later than my usual 10.30am time. Got appointment at 2pm and needed to leave the house by 1pm so rushed the kids up to get ready and all. Switched on my phone to see my Talent Manager telling me that she won’t be able to accompany me to my appointment coz she on EL. Ok lah no […]


Toddler Gym vs Playground

I’m writing this post because while I was shopping last weekend, I was approached by some very persuasive sales person insisting for me to sign Ayden up for their toddler gym. I don’t get it why we need to fork out a fortune just for our toddler to run around trying to sweat it out in an indoor playground with aircond. Why can’t we just bring them to the outdoor playground with sunshine and fresh […]


Caffé Crema Coffee & Tea Place, Plaza Mont Kiara

We were in Mont Kiara today for Ethan’s haircut at Number 76 and as usual I took that golden opportunity to get my hair treated but I will talk about that another day in another post :) Just next to it is this boutique coffee and tea place: Caffé Crema E01-02, Plaza Mont Kiara, Block E, 2 Jalan Kiara, Mont Kiara, KUALA LUMPUR Ayden kept coming in here while Ethan was having his haircut. I guess […]


The Learning Process

Art subject can be fun and interesting but more often than not, parents and students don’t see it that way. For example Ethan brought home his latest art project last week. It is a texture and color art work. His teacher gave him a piece of paper with a printing of a robot on it. He is required to find surfaces with textures, place the paper on it and color; making prints on the robot along the […]


Wrapping School Books

Ethan had been unwell since Monday evening but on Tuesday insisted to go to school as his fever subsided. We allowed him because there was no point arguing with him as he was very determined and looked okay then. But he came home on Tuesday with high fever and feeling nauseous. I did not allow him to go to school on Wednesday and made him rest at home instead. He kept himself busy doing his homework when […]


Watermelon Juice

Few weeks ago was extremely hot, right? On scorching hot days, I like to drink watermelon juice. Actually I like to drink any juice as long as they are freshly made. But the one fruit that goes really well with the kids is watermelon. Ethan who doesn’t like to drink fruit juice can still tolerate watermelon juice. He’ll drink at least half a glass.  The best part is it is also one of the easiest […]


Coconut Water to Beat the Heat

Many people are falling ill under this torturous weather. I boil barley frequently for the family as they (especially Ethan) are getting really heaty from being out in this scorching heat. Ayden and I are quite okay as we spend most of our time in the comfort of our home but Ethan and the father are always out and it is important to keep them well hydrated. Ethan’s nose bleed episodes are getting more frequent […]


Interior Design Ideas: 9 Bukit Utama Condo

How was your Saturday? We visited a show unit today at 9 BU because you know, we just felt like buying something >_< So yeah, let’s go ‘shopping’. Gulp. I’ve never seen such spacious condo before. This unit is 2,522 sq ft. It has a huge balcony. Ethan told me he wants to place his drum set there. Dream on, boy. Keep on dreaming…  Another view. I can imagine myself living in here weh..  The […]


How to Court a Girl

How to Court a Girl. Wooing a girl is an art many boys fail miserably at. Boys often appear desperate, in a rush and lacking in self-confidence. Girls like strong boys. Boys who are confident of themselves. We don’t like clingy boys. We like macho, macho man :P Rule #1 in courting a girl is NOT to let the girl know you are courting her (yet) coz girls can really jual mahal tak kena tempat. […]


Aloft KL Snug-a-Plush

Last month during the long weekend break due to Federal Territory Day and Thaipusam, we went for a quick getaway in the city. We did not want to get caught in the heavy crawl on the highway so we chose to go on a staycation right here at Aloft KL instead. The reason we chose Aloft Kuala Lumpur Sentral is because they have this Camp Aloft programme where they’ll set up the room nicely for the […]


Nasi Lemak Creme Brulee @ Ecole P, Damansara Uptown

Malaysians love their nasi lemak. That is the first thing we miss each time we travel overseas and will be the first thing we eat as soon as we touch down back in Malaysia. But there is this someone who loves it too much until he recreates it into a dessert resulting in a strange but intriguing Nasi Lemak Crème Brulee. I’ve seen this dessert a lot on Instagram so I told Darling that we […]

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