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Apple vs Pomelo

Time has changed. At any gatherings, show me a kid without his/her tab and I’ll show you TEN other children WITH their gadget! Same goes with Ayden and my cousins’ toddlers at our recent CNY gathering. The tab is so incorporated into our lives that it seems almost impossible to get around without it.  Don’t get me wrong though. I am not against these gadgets as kids do learn a lot from it and it is actually […]


Prison Break

Have not been updating for a while now as we are really enjoying our CNY break, catching up with family and friends. But fret not as I’ve not forgotten about you, my loyal beloved readers. Here’s something to keep you entertained for now :D Gong Xi Fa Cai. Hope everyone is enjoying precious time with your family and friends. Till we meet again, happy holidays! Now, can somebody help them? :P


Tony Roma’s Crave the Kick

Last Monday when most of the city folks are preparing to balik kampung for the Chinese New Year, Sid invited us for dinner over at Tony Roma’s to try out their latest promotion – Crave the Kick that is happening from 16th February to 29th March 2015.  Pina Colada (RM13.90 each) As soon as we are seated, we ordered our drinks. Instead of ordering the usual designated drinks at TR, we specifically ordered their Pina Colada […]


CNY Mall decoration: Pavilion

I used to wonder why people frequent the malls on the first day of a festival. Don’t they have relatives to visit? Don’t their relatives visit their home?  And then today, on the first day of Chinese New Year of the Goat, I ended up in Pavilion. We were in Seremban at my in-law’s house when my sister-in-law suggested for us to go to Pavilion. The reason being that my parents-in-law doesn’t go KL often […]


Easy DIY Yogurt Ice Lollies for kids

Chinese New Year is just a day away. What that means is hot, hot days are waiting for us. I know every year at my in-law’s place, Ethan and I will keep eating ice-cream to cool us down as it can be pretty hot over there. This year, I am well prepared. Since we will be eating ice-cream like twice a day, I better make sure we eat something ‘healthier’ as I know Ayden will want […]


CNY Mall decoration: The Curve

The Curve’s Chinese New Year decor this year is an elaborate floating fishing village.  View from the first floor.  With real fish swimming around, it truly feels like a fishing village. I feel like catching those tilapia. Would have made a very delicious steamed fish dinner :P It is really a fishing village comes to live here. My kids have never been to a real floating village before and this made quite an impression to […]


Expectation vs Reality

Our entire Sunday was spent doing last minute shopping for the kids and Darling. As I had completed my CNY shopping way in advance, it is now their turn to shop. Shopping with two kids is darn tiring. One moment one of them will complain hungry. After eating, another will poo and then by the time I clean him up the big one will request to go to the washroom and by now the little […]


Door Insulating DIY

Since Darling was bitten by a centipede in our bedroom a couple of nights ago, I’ve been a little paranoid. I can’t sleep at night fearing another creepy crawly might climb up our bed. So when we went shopping today the first place I go is to Daiso to look for insulating tape for doors.  Thank goodness they have lots of it. RM5 for each strip of door insulating tape. I bought two first as […]


Centipede Bite

It was Friday the 13th. I was rushing through a project and only managed to go to bed at 2am. At 2.45am I jumped out of bed out of a sudden. I don’t know why or what woke me up but there I was, blur sotong thinking what had happened and then I saw Darling staring blankly at the wall with his left hand on his right arm.  I asked him what happened and our […]


Chinese New Year to me now is…

When I was a child, I loved Chinese New Year. I always look forward to celebrating the Chinese New Year eventhough that means travelling 5-6 hours (I think) by bus with my family back to my hometown in Malacca. I still remember clearly waking up early in the morning to the appetising aroma of Maggi Chicken Instant Noodles. We always eat that before travelling. After having breakfast, I was always forced to eat ‘travelling pill’ […]


Tai Zi Heen CNY Menu

Chinese New Year is exactly a week away. As we get busy preparing to celebrate the arrival of the Goat, we also had the opportunity to dine in true oriental tradition at Tai Zi Heen, KL. The Submerryn family at Tai Zi Heen, Prince Hotel & Residence Kuala Lumpur We were treated to a bounty of traditional reunion feasts of pork-free Cantonese fare. Toss to good fortune; the auspicious festive menu begin with the tossing of […]


Heart Shaped Red Traffic Light

So there we were at the traffic light at 1 Utama yesterday evening when Darling spotted this heart shaped red light.  I told him a couple of days earlier that these red hearts has been spotted around the Klang Valley recently but he just brushed me off saying it must be some prank or something until he sees it with his own eyes and starts to wonder. I googled for more info and that’s when […]


Auspicious CNY Menus @ Ming Palace, Corus Hotel KL

One of the great ways to begin the celebration of the Lunar New Year is by indulging in hearty meals and symbolic dishes representing good luck, prosperity and health with family and friends. The Submerryn family was at Ming Palace, Corus Hotel KL recently to toss to their scrumptious Lou Sang set menu. Salmon Fish Yee Sang with Dragon Fruits and Pine Seed (RM98++ Half Portion / RM128++ Whole Portion) The best part of Lou […]


Ultherapy™ at The Sloane Clinic

2015 is a brand new year that marks many personal milestones for me. One of them being Darling and I will be celebrating our 10th wedding anniversary this year.  I’ll also be turning 38 this year. Oh my, where have the time gone? Like it or not, I’ll be touching the big 4-0 in a couple of years’ time :( As I aged, my skin becomes less firm. It is no longer as tight, causing […]


Ayden’s Cold Milk Spa

Ayden had bread for tea break today. After that he proceeded to the kitchen to play with coins. I was hungry so I got myself a bowl of cereals with milk. I sat down next to him and happily shared my cereals with him. He loves Honey Stars so he kept coming nearer to me for more. We just had like two scoops of cereals when he tugged my arm for more. I was holding […]


Xenri D’River View Chinese New Year Lou Sang

Remember we had dinner at Xenri not too long ago? We saw that their Yee Sang set will be up soon so I quickly gathered my best pals to try it out. The thing about Lou Sang is the more the merrier and merry we were that fine afternoon as there were 10 of us excited to try out their luxurious Yee Sang. A row of beautiful bamboos outside Xenri. If you ever have trouble finding […]


Homeschooling a Toddler – Reading Activity

The reason I prefer to homeschool Ayden than to send to playschool is because I can guide him as and when he is most comfortable and feels like it. This is especially important during reading session as it will be almost impossible to teach a toddler when he is sleepy and cranky. At 16 months old, reading is not limited to word cards though I use mostly wordcards for our reading lessons. I introduced word cards […]


Restaurant Leng Loong Seafood, Taman Equine

This is his second restaurant I heard. My foody friends were talking about him and his restaurants. His first restaurant serves more towards spicy dishes while this second restaurant is more ‘home feel’ as the food serves here aims to bring your memory back to home. I’ve not dine at his first restaurant (Restaurant Fu Li Lai, Bandar Puchong) but my foody friends had and when they invited me to join them to try out his […]


CNY mall decoration: 1 Utama

Have you seen 1 Utama’s Chinese New Year decor this  year? I took a peek down and saw these… God of Prosperity and friends? I am only familiar with Cai Shen (财神) but not his friends but it’s okay because this decor is so much better than their shocking cardboard Christmas decor last year. I was even afraid to take a look at their CNY decor initially for fear that it might be worse than […]


Killer Eyes

People always tell me Ayden looks Korean. I guess they must have meant he looked like Koreans before having their double eyelid surgeries :P  People also said Ayden looks very similar to me. What? Where got… He has nicer eyelashes. I have almost none existing eyelash. If I get into a sand storm, I’ll go blind immediately for there will be nothing to shield my eyes. I have to resort to falsies for that ‘camel […]


Paper Quilling Chinese New Year Card

We don’t usually go to Paradigm Mall but several weeks ago we did to meet up with friends. After out meet up, we thought of walking around for a while when we passed by Popular Bookstore and saw that they are giving a free art and craft session for kids but there was not even a single kid keen to participate. Why? What is happening to kids these days? Art and crafts don’t fancy them […]

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