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Remember in my previous post I mentioned we went car shopping last weekend? The first stop was at AEON 1Utama and boy I tell you the service sucks big time. The sales person scolded us when we asked if there is any display unit for us to test. 

Sales person: Tak ada. Kalau awak bayar dulu baru saya boleh pasang dan awak boleh test.
Me: Apa? Bayar dulu? Baru test? Kalau dah bayar buat apa nak test lagi? I nak test sebab I nak tahu sesuai untuk anak I atau tidak.
Sales person: Ni yang I marah nih. Kalau kita pasang benda tu, dah tak boleh bukak balik tau!
Me: Itu I tau ler. Kalau nak jual, make sure lah ada display unit. Ini tidak, semua dalam kotak, macam mana kita nak tengok saiz dia? Yang awak marah-marah ni apasal? Kita tanya jer…

Basket.. Make me angry only. Baik-baik I asked nicely, the way she answered now I oso angry together. Terus I walked away. Don’t want to buy from there lah. Sombong giler. We went to Parkson but nope, nothing there so we drove out to Sunway Giza. We tried Camy and thank goodness, we saw THESE:
Kiddie Ride On Toy Cars

Oh yeah I forgotten to tell you, we were actually hunting for a RIDE-ON CAR for Ayden, not a real car for us so yeah now you know, I am not that much of a ‘tai tai’ to just drop by any car showroom, take a pick and pay deposit with my Platinum card lah. I don’t even have a credit card, not even silver ok? :(

Kiddie Ride On Mercedez Toy Car

This Mercedes-Benz ride on car caught Darling’s attention. The striking red is beautiful. 

Kiddie Ride On Toy Volkswagen car

Then there is this Yellow Volkswagen Beetle that I kind of like but it has nothing at the back for Ayden to lean on so it is totally OUT. 

Kiddie Ride On Toy Mini Cooper Car

This Mini Cooper looks kind of cute too but it is very high. Ayden has short legs so this is out too -.-

Kiddie Ride On Toy Car

Cool lah, the sales person here lets Ayden try riding on it. See! This is how you treat your customers! Stupid AEON. I’m such a regular there yet they give me crap… 

Kiddie Ride On Toy Mercedes Car

Oooooooo… So nice! My anak acting cool there… 

Kiddie Ride On Fire Truck 1

But then Ayden saw this Fire Truck and preferred this instead. 

Kiddie Ride On Fire Truck 2

It has more things to play with such as a retractable water hose, honk, music, lights and more. Some of it do not even require batteries and that is music to my ears. I don’t even know how many batteries we bought already as all their toys these days are battery operated!

Kiddie Ride On Fire Truck 3

Price wise it is RM10 cheaper than the red Mercedez. Dilemma dilemma. Which one should we buy?

Kiddie Ride On Toy Car for toddlers

Ethan helped us to decide by testing both the Mercedes… 

Kiddie Ride On Toy Car for toddlers weight limit

and the Fire Truck. 

The verdict?

Kiddie ride on fire truck 4

We bought the Fire Truck. The Mercedes is nice but I think it is more of an adult’s fantasy to own it rather than the kid’s. My kids preferred the colorful and friendlier Fire Truck. Ayden even keeps all his toy cars under the seat :D 

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  • //

    Wah ….. nice car ! What’s the 4 ekor numbers ?


    Merryn Reply:

    No number. Haha.


  • //

    Jay has one fire truck that look almost like yours!! And he also kept his favourite toys under the seat.

    Soon he will ask for a real one that can sit, drive and operate like normal car. That what he got last year from grandparents. Lol.


    Merryn Reply:

    I wont buy that battery operated car for them, makes them lazy. At least with this, they’ll use up their energy and by night time they can sleep better :D


  • //

    Oh dear, his toy cars are all adult fantasy too. Lamborghini and what else? XD
    I’m surprised AEON staff are so rude. Usually they are the most cordial out of all the departmental stores in Malaysia, they have those intensive training and one of the supervisors’ job is to monitor to see if the staff smile enough. Or at least that’s how it was when I used to do work inside.


    Merryn Reply:

    I’m surprised too. Maybe she had a bad day but it was terrible as they do not have any display unit for us to have a look before deciding on our purchase. How to judge by looking at the picture of the box only right?


  • //

    Good..save up petrol also. Haha

    The fire truck is cute. I would choose that too.


    Merryn Reply:

    I think it’s a great buy too. The kids love it to bits :D


  • //

    Yea, I will choose the fire truck too. More things to play with. Does Ethan have a ride on car too?


    Merryn Reply:

    Yes, Ethan has an Ultraman ride-on car :)


  • //

    AEON!!! Somebody shared on Facebook, photo of a rat underneath their display of vegetables. Mid Valley one, they said. Eyewwwwww!!!!

    Adoiiii!!! That old baby also wants to drive kah. LOL!!!


    Merryn Reply:

    Was that AEON Big, formerly known as Carrefour?

    Yes old baby also wants to drive.. haha.


  • //

    Kids these days got so many choices of cars!


    Merryn Reply:

    Kan? Ayden’s walker was F1 car leh.. haha.


  • //

    Cool, when can take Sam for a ride? hehe :P


  • //

    Wah, Ayden is such a wise shopper at this young age. I like his choice too. The red benz looks too small for him.


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