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Homemade Chicken Essence

Lately I’ve been feeling fatigued and Darling said I look pale too. Maybe because I’ve not gotten enough rest when both the kids are down recently. He wanted to buy ready made chicken essence for me but I don’t want them. I told him I’ll make my own chicken essence so everyone in the family can drink it too. Chicken essence can reduce mental fatigue. It is also beneficial for students ie Ethan. I heard […]


First milk tooth extraction and tooth fairy

When I was teaching, I encountered many of my students having their permanent tooth/teeth growing behind their milk teeth making those permanent teeth grow in such mess. I often wondered why their parents did not bring them to the dentist to get those milk teeth extracted. Ethan is in Primary 1 now and I’ve been monitoring his teeth extra carefully as I see that his jaw is growing bigger and his milk teeth getting wider […]


School Holidays

It’s the school holidays and gawd knows what Ethan is up to! That boy is in that super imaginative stage and I MUST keep an eye on him all the time! He’s so into Super Heroes that I dont feel safe leaving him on his own. I have a friend who lost his son because that innocent boy jumped down from his apartment thinking he is Superman and he can fly. I can never get […]


Nook @ Aloft Kuala Lumpur Sentral

If there is ONE place my family loves dining at it is at the urban-inspired designed Nook, Aloft Kuala Lumpur because there’s ‘fireworks’ all the time! Can you see the beautiful ‘fireworks’ lights? Ethan and Ayden can marvel at them the whole night long! It’s that time of the year where restaurants everywhere get ready to usher in Ramadhan and Aloft Kuala Lumpur Sentral is one of the first we attended with the A-list Malaysian feast – […]


Tiger Balm Mosquito Repellent

Female mosquitoes need human blood to develop fertile eggs hence their daring buffet feast on us humans thousand times bigger than them. A pierce through your skin will leave an itchy red welt and possibly even a serious illness. At only 3 weeks old, poor Ayden had his first encounter with the notorious Ms Mosquito. FOUR bite marks. FOUR! My poor baby. I learned it the hard way – always use repellents for infants less […]


Nestum #MoreLife

Ethan is a fan of Nestum, and while he was checking out the Nestum page he saw this picture and showed me. RM10,000 to be won! But what do we need to do? This really got my attention, and upon further browsing I found more information. I watched their video and got some idea so I took out my camera and tripod and got Ethan and Ayden to join me. We practised dancing to some […]


Dinoscovery by Dinosaurs Live! @ Avenue K

We got the opportunity to enter a time warp to the Mesozoic Era at the Dinoscovery by Dinosaurs Live! Exhibition in Avenue K yesterday. Dinoscovery by Dinosaurs Live! is designed to provide a highly exhilarating experience whereby visitors are able to see larger-than-life dinosaurs move and hear them roar in their habitat. Dinoscovery by Dinosaurs Live! exhibition price list. Ethan, suspiciously entering the venue not knowing what to expect except dinosaurs and more dinosaurs! The moment you enter the venue, […]


Homemade Soap activity for Kids

Last weekend we went jalan-jalan in 1U and stumbled upon a soap making activity for kids. They have actually come to the end of the session but we were not aware of it. Ethan went there and asked if he can try making one of those soap candy balls. Luckily the person in charge was very nice and let Ethan have a try. Homemade Sugar Scrub Candy Balls. So yummy looking I feel like eating them! […]



Have you heard of the saying, ‘disconnect to reconnect’? Connections to the virtual world is keeping us alone and apart. We can all be seated in the same room yet, we are NOT emotionally together with each of us having our very own gadgets engrossed in our own activity online. At times, we need to disconnect from our devices and distractions and experience real moments of connection with our families. Only then, real connections are […]


Resurface to breathe

Resurface to catch some air. Inhales, exhales, inhales, exhales. Goes back under water… Yes, I’m human and I need to breathe. Just like dolphins who breathe air from their blow hole, which is the hole on top of their head, I breathe words on my blog, which is the submerryn that is keeping me from drowning in the rough water right now.  When the kids were down with fever and spots started developing in Ayden’s mouth, I crossed […]


Hand Foot Mouth Disease – The Double Dose

It was Sunday morning. We needed to be on location for a recording session at 8.30am so my plan was to wake up at 7am to get the kids and my make-up ready but at 5am, Ayden woke up crying. I thought he wanted milk so I just latched him on with my eyes still close. But he did not want milk. He was gagging and that jolted me wide awake. I held him up […]


Vanishing stubborn stains!

Times flies. Ayden is 8 months old now. He started eating solid food about a month ago. He has eaten pumpkin, persimmon, broccoli, apple, porridge with meat and even watermelon! While it is so much fun now that Ayden is eating solid food, it also means that there is more mess for me to clean up. He can be such a messy eater at times or rather, all the time! Ayden’s stained bib at the […]


Shopping for clothes after pregnancy

Since giving birth to Ayden I’ve not gone shopping for clothes for the most obvious reason – fat. Those extra flabs will just ruin any nice outfit hence I always resorted to baggy tee and ah pek pants. Another factor is bcoz I am breastfeeding so my choice of clothes are usually based on how easily my boobs are accessible by the baby ( not the Daddy, Daddy needs to find a new hobby ). […]


Bold pHantasies

The recent water rationing exercise in the Klang Valley has taught us to be prudent with water. Before this I never think twice before flushing but now I believe many of us will recycle the rain water for flushing or washing the car porch. Though it’s good to recycle water, there’s only so much we can do when the tap runs dry. One new habit I’ve acquired during these dry spell is to always have […]


Ayden’s 8 months picture journey

With a blink of an eye, little Ayden is 8 months old already. It feels like just yesterday he popped out unexpectedly on Merdeka Day. Surprisingly, we are all coping pretty well with his arrival. I still have time to blog! I thought with his arrival, my blog will be gone and forgotten but no, it is still surviving *pops confetti* Here’s a picture journey of him from newborn to the present at 8 months […]

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