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Ayden @ 2 months old

Time flies. I’m 2 months old now and still a bit sleepy though I sleep a lot lesser these days. I go to bed at 9pm and wakes up at 7.30am together with kor kor Ethan. I have 2 to 3 night feeds in between. During the day I take short 20 min naps here n there and that drives Mommy crazy. She said she is unable to blog like that. I love to cry […]


Leaf art: Fox with a bushy tail

We were at the playground one evening when I recalled seeing a leaf art in one of the SJKC book recently. I quickly prompted Ethan to pick up some leaves home. Dried leaves of different shapes and sizes. Guided him to paste those leaves in place. Drew the eyes using liquid paper.  Add the eyeballs using a black marker.  Tah-dah! Can you guess what this is? A forklift! fox leaf.. Urm.. I mean a fox […]


Gosuto Halloween in 1 Utama

A part of 1 Utama has been converted into a Gosuto village for Halloween. Quite cute in my humble opinion. Ethan loves it and so do I. I don’t know much about Gosuto so I shall just let the pictures do the talking :) I find this two the cutest.. You want to know why? Coz they look like Ethan and Ayden! Lolol! Last but not least, our family picture taken at the photo booth: […]


Late for school

Ethan’s teacher always complains that he is always late for school. We rush and rush every morning to make sure he is early but he will still be late. Why? Because he insists to feed his little brother first before heading out… How? I just have to let him be. After all, it’s only kindy and brotherly love is way more important <3 Because of this also every morning I have to rush to pump […]


How To Lose Post Pregnancy Weight … Fast!

With Ethan I lost my post pregnancy weight quite quickly. I was 40kg before I got pregnant and just before delivery I was 55kg. Okay, maybe I did not lose those weight as fast as I thought I did. It was just that back then I wasn’t active in social media hence I did not need to meet people often so I can just hide in my shell until I get back my pre-pregnancy figure.  […]


Ethan’s Graduation Concert

Last Saturday was Ethan’s Kindergarten Graduation Concert.  Though the concert only starts at 10am, we went there earlier for him to prepare and change into his robes and costumes. I sat in the auditorium listening to white music, watching the slide show while waiting for Ethan’s concert to start in an hour. Ethan was in the dressing room with his friends and teachers, preparing.. Suddenly I got teary eyed. At 6 years old, this is […]


Tommee Tippee ELECTRIC Breast Pump

Ayden is very lucky because shortly after he was born, he got his very first product sponsorship from Mothercare thanks to Nuffnang.  Ayden and the sponsored products from Mothercare: * Silver Cross Pop Stroller (RM899.00) * Tommee Tippee Electric Steam Sterilizer (RM399.00) * Tommee Tippee Electric Breast Pump (RM599.00) We’ve tried using all of the above 3 products and am loving them all. I especially LOVE the Tommee Tippee Electric Steam Sterilizer because believe it […]


Baby Boys Do Not Wear Pink

My sisters have all daughters while I have all boys. That doesn’t stop me from making Ethan and Ayden wear their hand-me-down clothes though. Come on, babies outgrow their clothes so quickly that there is no point buying too many new ones for them. Ethan did not have any problem wearing his cousin sisters’ hand-me-downs but I did buy several new ones for him last time to wear when we go kai-kai lah. But this […]


Petrosains Science Festival 2013 – BRINGING SCIENCE ALIVE!

Remember I blogged about learning Physics at Petrosains back in August? Ethan had a scientastic  time (if there’s even such a word!) learning about Physics in ways and approaches I can never think of. If you don’t, here’s the link to refresh your memory. I remembered when I was in Form Three I was torn between Science and Art stream. I did not know which to take up. I wanted Art but all my other […]


Best of Malaysia: Seafood Buffet Dinner at Chatz Brasserie

Seafood – the all time favourite of many diners. I’ve not had seafood on ice for a very long time, 10 months to be exact, due to my pregnancy. Pregnant women are not supposed to be eating raw salmon, oysters and more right? Imagine my delight when the foodie gang got the opportunity to dine at Chatz Brasserie, PARKROYAL Kuala Lumpur for their seafood buffet dinner. Ngam, ngam after my confinement so I’m all good […]


Innovation That Matters To You

I am or should I say Ethan and Ayden are loyal fans of Avent feeding bottles by Philips. Just love the super sensitive anti-colic technology that reduces risk of baby taking in air during feeding. Being such a huge fan of Philips, it is such a pleasure to discover their latest campaign – “Innovation That Matters To You”. “Innovation That Matters To You” campaign by Philips Malaysia is a collaborative effort to meet the people’s […]


The Case of the Heavy Headed..

At 1 month old, this Ayden is already bored of lying down and is always trying to lift his head up but most of the time this Tweety Bird of mine can barely hold it up for more than a few seconds.. ^_^


Confinement Ginger Chicken with Rice Wine

One of the confinement dishes my Mom cooked that I love is her Confinement Ginger Chicken with Rice Wine. Fry sliced ginger and chopped garlic using sesame oil until fragrant. Add chicken and continue frying. Add water and salt to taste. Cover and simmer. Once the chicken is tender, add rice wine according to your preference. Here’s my mother modelling with her rice wine! LoL! Serve hot. Yums!


Blood in Poo

We got a huge scare yesterday when during diaper change, I noticed blood in Ayden’s stool. I’ve never encounter this with Ethan so when it happens to Ayden it triggers a panic attack. Anything with blood will cause my heart to palpitate. The first thing I do was to call Darling that made him rush back home immediately. While waiting for Darling, I posted the above picture on a Mommy group in Facebook. Thank goodness […]


Ayden’s Fullmoon

Just a little over a month ago, Ayden popped into our world earlier than expected. It was all good though and for that we are thankful.  The 3 men in my life <3 On the 3rd day when I got discharged from the hospital, my mother came to stay with me for a month to help me out with my confinement needs and caring for Ayden. My mother and Ayden on the first day home […]

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