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The Poo Story

You know when you have a baby boy, you tend to get ‘showered’ with his urine during diaper change time? You know what I do? I place a tissue on his penis so that each time he pee, he’ll wet the tissue instead of ‘shooting’ it at me. There, this way I know I won’t get ambushed each time I change his diaper :D Anyway, since we are talking about diaper change, here’s a comic […]


Absence Makes the Heart Grow Fonder

People has been commenting that I have not posted much about Ethan since the arrival of Ayden so today’s post is all about what Ethan has been doing over the weekends. My mother is here to take care of my confinement needs and also to help take care of Ayden for this month. My Dad came from Malacca over one of the weekends and brought my Mom shopping where they bought a remote control car […]


Milk Choke

It was 12 midnight, way pass Ethan’s usual bedtime at 9pm yet he is still unable to sleep. Strangely, Ayden was still wide awake too. We let Ethan play the piano a little bit more to tire him off before finally going into our respective rooms at 12.30midnight. During my confinement, I sleep with my mom and Ayden in a room while Darling remained with Ethan in another room. Ayden was still unable to sleep; […]


Ayden vs Mosquito

Try as we might to keep him away from the blood sucking mozzies but … Such heartache to see 4 red dots on his face… Darn mozzies *takes spray and sprays away* >_<


Confinement Red Dates Tea

When I gave birth to Ethan six years ago, I remembered boiling red dates and dried wolfberry tea every single day during the first week of confinement. It is believed red dates tea can help increase breast milk supply as well as nourish our blood. Naturally when I gave birth to Ayden recently, I wanted to drink the same thing again but this time, I was told to add more ingredient in it. I was […]


Baby and Pacifier

Ethan disliked pacifier when he was younger but gradually turned to it when his mouth started to ‘itch’ when he was about 2 months old. Ayden is similar and dislikes pacifier too but ended up crying for milk once too often just to suckle on something. We can’t keep feeding him milk just so he can suck so my Mom tried giving him the pacifier… Haha! It didn’t help… I guess no pacifier for the […]


Sotong Tempra Recipe

The day before my water bag broke, I was happily eating in Puchong at my sister’s place as my parents were in town for a wedding the next day. As usual, my mother would prepare dinner for us whenever she comes to town. One of my favourite dishes that evening is this Sotong Tempra. A number of my friends requested for the recipe so here goes..  Sotong Tempra Ingredients: Sotong Big Onions (sliced) Red Chili Coriander […]


Sometimes We Forget

Since the arrival of Ayden, I am reminded of everyday little things that we are so used to that we took them for granted. One such example is switching on the lights when the little one is sleeping. We are so used to turn on the lights in the middle of the night to check on Ethan (though he hates it when he was younger but got used to it as he grows older) that […]


Toe Print Caterpillar

15th September 2013 marked the first time my boys did art together. They did toe print caterpillar. Well, the big brother did most of the work but still.. :P Ethan painted a leaf. Stamped in onto a piece of paper.  Then he painted his toes.  And stamped them onto one of the leaves.  He drew legs and all and woke the little brother up.  Painted Ayden’s tiny toes. Ayden was pretty ticklish and kept pulling […]


Ayden’s moustache

My Dad came up from Malacca last weekend and Ayden seemed to be fascinated with his moustache…


Mothers’ Choice: Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser

A friend of mine gave me a hamper of Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser with the arrival of my newborn baby Ayden. She said it is suitable for all skin types and is ideal for newborn baby’s sensitive skin as it is pH-balanced, fragrance-free and soap-free. I was told that Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser is ideal for facial and full body use for every age. Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser My mother who is helping me with […]


Lobster Meals @ Bali Hai, Kota Damansara

We have always wanted to dine at Bali Hai located at the previous Asia Cafe, Kota Damansara and Darling and Ethan did just that when they joined the foodie friends the other day for the Buy 1 lobster and get 10 live freshwater lobster/crayfish for free promo. Lobster Promotion Restaurant Bali Hai, Kota Damansara These were what they had: -Australian Lobster- -Geoduck- Have you ever eaten geoduck before? I haven’t and still have not till today as I was […]


From Arthur

We got a surprise package from Pos Laju the other day. It came all the way from Sibu, Sarawak.  Beautifully handwritten card from Arthur. I did not inform Arthur that I’ve received his parcel as I wanted to surprise him with this blog post. However, he knew it earlier as he was diligently keeping track on the consignment via online! I don’t even know there is such a thing as tracking your package!! >_< As […]


Casahana temptations

Mid Autumn festival is just around the corner. Pamela heard that my Mom is in town taking care of my confinement needs hence she is unable to go out shopping for mooncakes. She (Pamela) called Darling to meet up and one evening, Darling came home surprising us with this beautiful package of Casahana mooncakes.  Casahana’s beautiful gift packaging. Casahana Mooncakes I’ve never seen such beautiful mooncakes before. Even my Mom marveled at how fine their […]


Wet dreams

Ever had that dream that you went to the toilet to pee only to find that you peed in your pants and wet the bed for real? Well… it affects babies too you know :P


Hot & Spicy Sze Chuan and Mooncakes @ Zuan Yuan

Ever since I started my confinement about 11 days ago, Darling and Ethan has been eating out quite frequent as they can’t eat the food meant for me. One of the places that they dined was Zuan Yuan Chinese Restaurant, One World Hotel. With the Hot & Spicy Sze Chuan promotion in the month of September (prices start from RM10 per dish) it is easily understood why they chose to dine there. Originating from Sichuan, […]


Baby’s sleep companion

Hello! Baby Ayden is 10 days old today. All he does is sleep, poop and drink milk so it is still quite tolerable for me ^_^ A check-up with my gynae yesterday revealed a borderline high-blood pressure on me so I’m advised to sleep more and blog (and FB) less :( Heeding my gynae’s advice, I’m going to try spending less time on the PC and rest more. So here’s a quick comic to keep […]


Hong Kong Mei Xin Mooncakes

Since the arrival of my second child a week ago, Darling and I have been busy trying to juggle our time for both Ethan and the little one. My mother is here to help for a month so it’s not too bad. Ethan gets bored sometimes since I can’t bring him out to the playground so I get Darling to bring Ethan to join our foodie friends in their food quest.  Last week, the foodie […]


Sunbath to treat jaundice

These days, it is very common to find newborns suffering from jaundice after birth. I was extremely happy when the paed gave clearance for us to go home 3 days after giving birth to my little one as he wasn’t showing any signs of jaundice. We were however, told to come back several days later to check for jaundice again. That got me nervous as I am afraid if he is required to be admitted […]


Our Cutie Pie

Haha PERASAN betul! Come on, which parents don’t think that their anak is CUTE? *blush* It has been 5 days since the arrival of my second son and I still can’t believe how similar he is to Ethan. Every single inch of him looks exactly the same as Ethan. Even their hair is similar up to their long sideburn! Anyway, I still don’t have much time to sit down and blog as I am supposed […]


My unexpected Merdeka Baby!

Hello! I’ve been away unexpectedly as my baby decided to pop out 3 weeks earlier into this world. See, my ‘watermelon’ is not supposed to be born yet… Just on Friday, 30 August 2013, I was at my sister’s place as my parents were in town for a wedding the next day. As usual, whenever my mother comes to town, she’ll cook up a storm for us. I was happily eating with every single family […]

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