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Training chopsticks for kids

Chopsticks. How many of you know how to use it? I did not learn how to use a pair of chopsticks until I was in my Secondary school. These days I love using chopsticks when eating noodles. Darling on the other hand is more ‘English’ as he uses fork and spoon to eat noodles @_@ Ethan has always admired me using the chopsticks and requested to learn using it. I don’t know how to teach […]


Our set meals dinner @ Paradise Inn, Sunway Pyramid

We found ourselves in Sunway Pyramid during one of the school holiday evenings. Tummy grumbling yet we were undecided on where and what to eat when we came across this: Ethan can’t help but squirm on how cute those ‘things’ are and just like a ‘trap’, we were lured into its premise called Paradise Inn (near Jusco and Starbucks) Hunger got into us so Darling ordered their Stewed Pork Belly before deciding what else to […]


Maximising time with your family

Back in the old days, it was easier raising a family. Every member of the family has a role to play. The father being the sole bread winner while the mother cooks, cleans, slaves… And without the need to force, the kids will be doing their chores too. Simple task like washing the toilet and mopping the floor are often done by the kids as the mother needed to make sure there is food on […]


Coca-Cola Chicken Recipe

Darling and I don’t drink Coke if we can help it. But the other day we were given a can of Coke and it was left sitting in our fridge for months! I was cleaning the fridge several days ago and noticed that lonely can of Coke and wondered what can be done with it when I remembered reading about Coca-Cola Chicken some time ago. I was supposed to cook Ayam Pongteh today but decided […]


Nyonya Assam Prawn Recipe

I used to cook this dish when I was courting Darling decades ago but ever since we got married I don’t remember ever serving him this until today :) I’ve forgotten how to cook it that I had to call my mother to make sure. Unlike some other Nyonya Assam Prawn (especially the Penang version) where the prawn are fried until dry and a bit burnt, my mom’s is the wet version. I remembered as […]


First time doing a TV recording with our friends and their kids

Never under estimate the power of blogging. The other day, when I blogged about Ethan making honeydew smoothie here, it caught the attention of Yvonne from TV1 and she called me to request for a tutorial recording. She also read about my donut and pizza bento posts and wanted us to demo how to make them too. Of course I agreed but the only problem then was the recording will be held at MY house. […]


RWGenting’s YNOT Graffiti Competition Finale

You know how your mom always growls at you when you scribble her wall? Did you grow up to be a rebel and vandalized public property instead? Well, you don’t need to get into trouble anymore as for the very first time Resorts World Genting is literally allowing you to paint Genting, red, or blue, or any shades of colours that will make rainbows frown for a specified period. Called YNOT, Resorts World Genting is a […]


Astigmatism in children

A week ago when Darling went to fetch Ethan from BaoBei, the teacher suggested for Darling to send Ethan for an eye check-up since he is unable to see the strokes that the teacher wrote on the white board. I was quite surprised as I never noticed Ethan squinting his eyes or anything at home but we sent him for a check-up nevertheless.  Ethan has seen me going through all these check-up procedure before so […]


PapaBlend review: Making ice-blended honeydew drink

The scorching hot weather is unbearable lately. We kept stuffing ourselves with ice-creams but I prefer to get something more nutritious for Ethan if possible. So the other day, we bought some honeydews. Ethan has never eaten honeydew before so I wasn’t sure if he’ll love this ice-blended drink or not. Nevertheless, I got him to help me out so he’ll know exactly what he’ll be drinking.  Honeydew slices and ice.  Ethan scooped the honeydew […]


How was your weekend?

Mine was a fantastic one. It’s always fantastic when I’m back in my parent’s place. The first thing that greeted me upon arrival is the long craved nasi lemak bunga telang with kangkung, anchovies, prawn sambal, boiled egg and cucumber. Urm, actually my niece, my sister and my mom greeted me first but ah well, I was so looking forward to EAT this! Haha.. *aiyaiyai.. now i feel like eating this again* This nasi lemak […]


Launch of Dumex Mamil All ‘n One

Nine out of 10 growing-up children in Malaysia are lacking a balanced diet, which means they are not consuming the five key food groups (fruits and vegetables, carbohydrates, protein, dairy, and fats) in the right proportions. Most do not consume enough fruits and vegetables and are deficient in micronutrients such as vitamins A, D and calcium. They also have excess in protein and fat intakes. The findings from the recent dietary study conducted by Universiti […]


How do you deal with a school bully?

It has been Ethan’s dream to attend preschool since he found out his other friends are also attending it. We had no choice but to give in and let him experience what Kindergarten is all about. I thought since Ethan is already doing well academically, the more important factor of preschool is to socialize hence I did not bother to go for any ‘branded franchise’ kind of Kindy but to just enroll him into the […]


Ice-cream stick airplane fridge magnet

We ate lots of ice-cream during the scorching HOT days recently and instead of disposing those popsicle sticks, we made airplane fridge magnet out of them. Airplane fridge magnet We used a couple of long popsicle stick and one short one (cut from the long stick) and a wooden laundry peg.  Paint the peg with any color of your choice. We used acrylic paint.  Paint the popsicle sticks. Let dry. Glue them together. Glue a magnet […]


Simple donut bento for kids

A very quick update. I made an extremely simple donut bento for Ethan today. His snack break time is only 10 minutes so he has very limited time to eat. That’s also the reason why his lunch box is very simple with minimal food in it.  Bread donut bento 1) Spread peanut butter/chocolate or any spread of your choice on a piece of bread. 2) Place another piece of bread on it.  3) Use a […]


Home-school vs Kindergarten

I’ve been home-schooling Ethan since young until early this year. I planned to home-school him all the way until he goes to Primary 1 next year. That is until his friends in the playground asked him why isn’t he going to school. Ethan then started questioning me about school, about Kindergarten. We started talking to Ethan about Kindergarten and the possibility of him attending one. The thought of having friends to study (and play) together […]


Sports Day practice

After a week attending Kindy, today is the first time I followed him to school in the morning. The reason being today they are going to have sports practice and the teachers will bring them to a field located several minutes away from the school. There are over 100 students in that kindergarten and I am worried if Ethan might be left behind so I decided to just trail him.  After having his power breakfast, […]


World Club Room @ Genting

Not too long before Chinese New Year, we went up to Genting for the weekend. We don’t usually stay the night when we make a trip up there but this time we did and the place we stayed was in World Club Room at First World.  Our impression of First World used to be ‘the largest hotel with the smallest room’ in Genting but this time we were proven extremely wrong!  As we entered our […]


Easy Pizza Bento for kids

My (not so) baby finally went to Kindy today. It is his first day but he doesn’t want me to send him so his Dad drove him there instead >_< Big boy now. Going to school on his own without me :D I made pizza bento for his lunch box today.  Pizza bento Brown some meat (sausage, ham or anything of your choice) He loves cheese so I placed cheese in between his bread.  Cut […]

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